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Let's get Eclectic! How to Mix and Match your Furniture Seamlessly!

Let's get Eclectic! How to Mix and Match your Furniture Seamlessly!

Published on 8/14/2018 by ABODE Fine Living

In the current climate of design, pieces from every genre and time period are on the market for purchase. For today's design enthusiast this can get confusing, especially when we see a mix of things we that we love that are completely different styles. How can you get that eclectic look that looks thoughtfully designed and blends well? We suggest the following:

  1. Start with a consistent color palette: Choose a color palette for your space, and stick to that color palette, this will create a sense of cohesion.
  2. A fun and funky chair: A great way to introduce a new style is with a cool or whimsical chair. It adds another dimension to the space and opens the room up to adding more interesting elements.
  3. The perfect light fixture: Lighting sets the mood in any room and is often neglected. We usually suggest getting a light fixture that is a statement piece that fits within the same style as another piece in the room.
  4. Living things: Add touches of life to your home with succulents or beautiful floral arrangements. Greenery and florals are always a good idea, they round out any well designed space.

Let us help you get eclectic! Contact our team at Abode Fine Living with any design questions you may have! We're here to help.

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