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Antique Steamer Trunk/Coffee Table

Antique natural finish steamer trunk/coffee table trunk with original fancy cast hardware and brass sheet accent on lid and front. Hardwood slats secured by large tack head nails. Exterior finished with tung oil. Steel bottom. New leather side handles. Complete with 4 detachable screw-in figured wooden legs.


36.0w × 20.0d × 23.0h in

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About The Shop

Randall Barbera is a designer and antique trunk restoration expert that has been trading for the past decade. His creative interpretations of old trunks have been applauded by worldwide press and media and his restoration services are widely known and respected as works of art within the interior design community at large. Offering a full line of both domestic and foreign trunks, he restores them by hand and, in some cases, embellishes them into "Designer Trunks". Also know for building custom trunks, Antique Trunk Restoration & Design unites the past with the present with both historically accurate restorations, and creative augmentation for modern applications.
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Visit Antique Trunk Restoration & Design
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