Cire Trudon Classic Candle, Solis Rex



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Cire Trudon Classic Candle, Solis Rex

This Classic Candle (9.5oz) features the Solis Rex signature scent from the world's oldest and most prestigious candle manufacturer. Cire Trudon was the official wax provider to King Louis XV and the French court until the end of the monarchy. This candle is packaged in a beautiful, handmade glass container and finished with the signature gold Cire Trudon emblem. Inspired by the elaborate parquetry of Château de Versailles’s famous Hall of Mirrors, this regal perfume radiates vapours of wax, candelabra and palace. A trail of incense weaves through a tapestry of coniferous trees, cut with solar rays of citrus fruits. Candle 9.5 oz/ Burn time: 55-60 hours top note: green leaves, eucalyptus, orange middle: fir bark base: cedar, incense


3.5w x 3.5d x 4.25h in

Colors & Materials

White, Dark Green, Wax, Blown Glass


Manhattan Beach, CA

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