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Cire Trudon Classic Candle, Chandernagor

This Classic Candle (9.5oz) features the Chandernagor signature scent from the world's oldest and most prestigious candle manufacturer. Cire Trudon was the official wax provider to King Louis XV and the French court until the end of the monarchy. This candle is packaged in a beautiful, handmade glass container and finished with the signature gold Cire Trudon emblem. The twinkling fragrance of an ancient Chinese balm, the secret spices and radiant silks of an Indian trading post. The white and tawny lure of indigenous herbs enfolds hints of camphor in a sweet vertigo. Top Notes: Camphor, Eucalyptus, Mint Heart Notes: Chinese Osmanthus, Clove, Ginger Base Notes: Leather, Moss, Wood Candle 9.5 oz/ Burn time: 55-60 hours


3.5"w × 3.5"d × 4.25"h

Colors & Materials

Blown Glass, Wax, Dark Green, White

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DACHA ships to anywhere in the US.




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Manhattan Beach, CA

About The Shop

The word "dacha," distinct to Russian culture, refers to a country cottage which serves as a retreat from urban life, used most often in the summer. More than just a dwelling, “dacha” encompasses a whole distinct lifestyle. Often accompanied by beautiful gardens, it is a place of leisure where one can enjoy social and cultural activities. Dacha life conjures images of entertaining friends, enjoying a wonderfully simple meal and a good bottle of wine, reading by the fire, planting in the garden. These activities are among the simplest but often the most enjoyable and, these days, the most luxurious.  

Essentially a California brand, DACHA embodies the values of its namesake which, although derived from a Russian word, is very much a universal concept and embraced nowhere more than in California. Our belief at DACHA is that one’s home, particularly in the temperate climate of Southern California, should be a retreat - a place of beauty, enjoyment, creativity and inspiration. Our intention is to create for our clients an environment of livable comfort without sacrificing style and luxury. We offer an elevated selection, both new and vintage, of unique home accessories, furniture, tabletop, soft accessories, objects and gift items. We promote whenever possible the work of California-based artists and designers.


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