Set of Three Copper Candlesticks



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Set of Three Copper Candlesticks

Set of three copper candlesticks hand forged by Hessel Studios in San Raphael, CA. Lyra 17.5"H x 3"W, Cygnus 19"H x 3"W, Aquila 20.75"H x 3"W Inspired by wrought iron and jewelry techniques, Gregg Hessel has developed many of his own tools and techniques that allow him to hand forge copper and produce museum quality candlesticks. The desired forms are achieved only after going over the surface numerous times with high heat torches and different hammers. This process creates pieces that are unique and have their own eccentricities, adding to it's beauty and value. The title of each piece is engraved on the underside of the base, where the Hessel Studio proprietary stamp can be found as well.


3.0w x 3.0d x 20.0h in

Colors & Materials

Copper, Copper


Manhattan Beach, Ca

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