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It's Time For a Beautiful Bedroom!

It's Time For a Beautiful Bedroom!

Published on 4/13/2019 by Designer Warehaus

We believe in beautiful bedrooms, your bedroom should be your sanctuary. Here are some tips on how to create the perfect bedroom getaway:

  1. Use neutral soothing colors: We believe that soothing colors promote relaxation, and a bedroom should always help you get your "Snooze," on, that is why we always recommend a light, pretty and airy color pallet.
  2. Create drama with a fabulous lighting fixture: A well places chandelier makes all the difference between a bland space and a glamorous one. The bedroom should be glamorous. Measure your ceiling height and max out the size of the chandelier you can fit in your space, large chandeliers always give that luxe look.
  3. Add some reflection to your space with well placed mirrors: We love the reflective light that mirrors bring into a space, adding a leaning mirror to your bedroom or a couple of mirrors in place of wall art will open your space up and will let the sunshine in.
  4. Splurge on bedding: What you sleep on and under is so important, we spend half of our day in bed, we should be comfortable, nothing promotes comfort more than high quality bedding. If you need to splurge somewhere, make this the place.

Lastly check out our favorite pieces on our website and in our online boutique by clicking on the link below:

-The Designer Warehouse Team

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