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Create A Collection!

Create A Collection!

Published on 4/13/2019 by HEIRLOOM

We at Heirloom specialize in the well collected home, and are often asked how to start a fabulous collection. Here are our tips to becoming a collector:

  1. Pick a theme: Many collectors have a certain "something" they collect, some collect fabulous mid-century pieces, others collect depression glass, Martha Stewart has an incredible collection of Jadeite. What you collect should reflect your personality or your surroundings. Are you close to the beach? go coastal. Are you a bohemian? collect vintage global goods. There are many options in starting this fun hobby.
  2. Do you research: Become knowledgeable in what you are collecting, and discover what is valuable to you. Get online and start to browse forums or go on fabulous vintage sites like 1st dibs, and get to know dealers that specialize in what you're after.
  3. Make your collection a major part of your home: Our home's should be unique and have personality. Our collections are our passion and should be proudly displayed.

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-The Heirloom Home Team


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