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We Love the Zee Side Chair!

We Love the Zee Side Chair!

Published on 12/17/2018 by Hospitality!

This piece is made from strong moso bamboo, its sleek form a result of computer-guided joinery that eliminates the need for blocking, plates, and pins. Like other chairs and stools in the Zee collection, this side chair offers a free and ergonomic sitting experience. It has a slight spring that moves with the sitter, as they situate themselves in the chair. The lack of conventional legs gives one freedom of movement not afforded by everyday chairs. The Zee Side Chair is small enough to place multiple chairs side-by-side around a table. Its modest profile makes a statement without overwhelming the viewer. Inspiration from the past meets with modern sustainability and technology in this reimagining of a classic furniture piece. The result is a balanced, functional, comfortable piece of modern furniture that takes cues from the past while embracing the sustainability and technology of today. 100% solid bamboo. Available in Natural. Indoor use

Check this piece out in our online boutique by clicking on the link below:

-The Hospitality Team


1933 S. Broadway Showroom 1038 Los Angeles, CA