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Curating your Home and Creating Style

Curating your Home and Creating Style

Published on 8/10/2018 by IVY Gift and Home

At our store front we have mastered the art of curating amazing looks that our clients love and ask us to replicate in their home's. We create spaces that feel intimate, life style focused, and drool worthy. We are a local destination that we know you all can't make it to, so we wanted to spread the love, by sharing with you some of our favorite tips on how to get "The IVY Look" in your home.

  1. Layer: Layer your favorite coffee table book with a luxe candle and a beautiful flower arrangement. Florals add life, candles add luxury, and a coffee table book adds personality.
  2. The Bar Tray: We love the bar cart, but not everyone has space for one, so one of our favorite things is the "bar tray". Take a beautiful rectangular or round tray, and layer in a lovely decanter, ice bucket, silver cocktail shaker, and a pair of low ball glasses. Drum roll.......... your ready for an elegant night cap, you better invite someone special over!
  3. Lighting: Lamps are not just functional, they're accessories too. A well placed lamp can add color, atmosphere, and structure to an otherwise beautiful but lifeless space. We like playing with highs and lows to create drama or intimacy. If you have a well accessorized console, a smaller lamp stacked on top of a fabulous book adds some softness, on the other hand, if you have a clutter free nightstand, a large tall lamp creates drama, and draws the eye up. Lighting rounds out a space beautifully and with purpose! Have fun with it.

Well that's all for now! We've loved sharing our tricks of the trade with you. If you're ever in our neighborhood, come on in!


Team IVY Gift and Home

Where can you find fabulous furniture in Kirkland Washington?

If you are looking for a boutique furniture store in Kirkland Washington, IVY Gift and Home is the perfect fit. We can design any room in your house with our fabulous furniture lines. IVY Gift and Home is the perfect place to shop. For more information on what types of furniture IVY Gift and Home carries in their furniture store, please either contact IVY Gift and Home or Design Kollective directly. We are both happy to help! 

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