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30" Tray

Need a tray that is very different from a tray, but still serves the function of a tray well this Aluminum tray might just be what you are in search of. With a texture and exterior similar to a conch shell, this tray not only serves the function of a normal tray: like carrying dishes and cups, but it does it in a very different way. One is bound to be surprised when someone brings food in it. With very few similarly designed trays, this tray is bound to catch the fancy of many; plus the quality of materials in its making ensure that this tray will last for years to come. Its white and gray looks are bound to go well with homes with modern and older themes. You sure will be flooded with complements, and questions about the place you bought it from


30.0w x 15.0d x 7.0h in

Colors & Materials

Silver, Aluminum

About The Shop

Jonathons Coastal Living features a carefully curated selection of high quality furnishings and accessories. Ever changing to showcase the most current design trends, it is the perfect starting point for your next home design project. Jonathons offers design services ranging from in-home accessory placement to full-scale project management. Depending on the details of your project, or the goals you want to achieve, our interior design team is able to asses and advise.

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