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Zanadu Chandelier

Opulent, futuristic and bursting with retro flair, the Zanadoo Chandelier recalls the early days of space exploration and innovation. Mid-century aesthetics combine an explosion of shiny spokes with modern exposed bulbs that cast dazzling arrays of light and shadow on ceilings and walls. Try with frosted or chrome-tipped bulbs for even more dynamic lighting effects.


33.0w x 0d x 24.0h in

Colors & Materials

Gold, Aged Gold, Painted Metal, Metal, Gold Metal

About The Shop

Maison Luxe has been a mainstay interior design location in the Southbay for over a decade. Our Hermosa Beach location, two short blocks from the ocean, inspires us to think freely, always paying attention to the soul of both our brick and mortar store and our client projects. We may seek the sublime, the eclectic, the modern, the beach chic, the hollywood regency, as well as contemporary twists on long time classics for our projects. We source around the globe as well as local one of a kind finds.

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