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Blue and White Porcelains, A Design Element For Your Space.

Blue and White Porcelains, A Design Element For Your Space.

Published on 7/28/2018 by Out of Asia

Blue & White Chinoiserie Porcelains: The passion and excitement for this color palette is so classic and timeless that it never goes out of style. The demand for these pieces just never stop.

They started out as storage pieces. Originally a vessel for storing precious spices in ancient China, the all popular ginger jar long ago shrugged off its utilitarian purpose and made a big resurgence in the 1960’s in decorating. It became popular again among design connoisseurs and has been a decorating staple specially for newly weds, special events to evoke a crisp look of elegance. The beauty of blue and white is its versatility and the different ways it can be incorporated: An element providing inspiration for designers which some has made it their design signature. 

Trendy during the 1600’s the European craze for these Chinese export ignited the entire industry.

The West has been enchanted with enigmatic objects and imagery from the East, like the intricate designs that vary from floral motifs, butterflies, dragons, the phoenix and lions to geometrics and Chinese symbols of happiness on Ginger Jars, Vases, Tea Caddy, Bowls, Plates, Planters, Garden Stools, and Cachepots.

Blue and white accents spruce up any table top – whether it’s a console or an entry table, a sofa table, a mantle, bookshelves, end table in the kitchen, or even dining room table! They work so beautifully everywhere and that includes bathrooms. Also, incorporating it into French decor and using the pieces to bring warmth to the kitchen. You can use the porcelain indoors or on the porch or the garden! It’s a fabulous accents outdoors with all the green plants and trees in nature as a background.

You will find many selections of Blue and White Porcelains at our showroom at the LA Mart Design Center / The Reef. #904 Call to inquire 310-204-5885.