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Capiz Shell Pendants, Chandeliers & Chimes. Coastal Decor from the Sea

Capiz Shell Pendants, Chandeliers & Chimes. Coastal Decor from the Sea

Published on 7/26/2018 by Out of Asia

Bringing the gifts of nature from the sea into your residence or commercial places is a wonderful way to add a coastal tropical feel of peace and relaxation to the space whether it is for interior or exterior.

Capiz shells are from the window pane oyster which is a bivalve marine mollusk. The oysters grow like weeds in the shallow sea beds near the shore. For thousands of years fishing families off the eastern coast of the Philippines have harvested them for their meat t then used the leftover shells to fashion many different products. . The translucent nature of the outer shell of the Windowpane Oyster is used as a low cost substitute for glass in parts of Southeast Asia. Though seem very delicate but in fact are extremely durable, it's primary use was within the architectural elements of the grids of wood latticed windows in traditional ancestral Filipino house during the Spanish era now adding contemporary elegance to the interior and garden spaces in lantern, lamps, panels, furniture and accessory inlays. Shapes can be tailor made according to specifications, form and style and made with pewter colored frame or brass.

The province of Capiz in the Philippines is known as “The Seafood Capital of the Philippines.” However, it is named not only for all the delicious seafood that is harvested there, but also for one particular oyster that produces the translucent material simply known as “Capiz.”

Clams, mussels, oysters and scallops make a really tasty seafood foursome. They also happen to be the 4 main types of mollusk known as “bivalves,” due to having two shells joined by a hinge. Although almost everything in the bivalve family is edible, one particular bivalve, known as the Windowpane Oyster, is valued more for its shell than its taste. . It is this translucent shell that is also the origin of the beautiful material known as Capiz shell or simply “Capiz.” Although Capiz can be used in many different ways, it is particularly beautiful when light is passed through it, which makes it a popular material for use in making lamps, chandeliers, candle holders, jewelry, wind chimes and any product that is enhanced by light.

Because of its glass-like quality, Capiz also creates a beautiful muted chiming sound when it is used to make a wind chime.

The artisans cut the shells into circles, squares or any other shapes and which can either use its natural color painted into many different colors which still maintain the lovely iridescence. The rounded disks or square cuts are then framed in brass or nickel finish while the other way is put on clear wire and made into these elegant and charming chimes and chandeliers.

We manufacture and import Capiz Shell Pendant Lighting popularly used by interior designers for commercial and residential. These can also be custom tailor according to creative direction or simply supply the pendant or loose Capiz shells to incorporate with any designs. For further information and inquiries, contact [email protected] or 310-204-5885.