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How to Become a Collector!

How to Become a Collector!

Published on 8/16/2018 by Pegaso Gallery Design

We, at Pegaso Gallery Design have spent years collecting rare pieces of vintage furniture, art and curiosities. It takes a trained eye to know what to look for when buying authentic and sometimes very expensive pieces of antiquity. Often times our clients want to be educated on what they are purchasing and what to look for when they are out and about on their own treasure hunt. We thought it would be a good idea to give you some of our thoughts on how to be a conscious consumer of vintage goods.

  1. Ask questions: The dealers you are purchasing from are for the most part, trained in the field, especially if they are dealers with years of experience. Any dealer should be able to approximately date the piece for you, give you a brief history on the piece, and tell you its approximate value on the open market. All dealers should tell you where they acquired the piece from and why they acquire it.
  2. Buy something you love: Just because something is expensive and rare doesn't mean it will work in your home or that you will enjoy it. Buy pieces that you want to look at everyday and that will make you happy. If you find something that you love, the price, whether inexpensive or expensive, becomes secondary to the enjoyment that piece brings.
  3. Pick an era: Today furniture is re created from all eras of design, but if you want something truly authentic you have to know the era the furniture your purchasing is from. Is it mid century? or art deco? does it mix well with the decor in your home? or will it stand out uncomfortable in your space? Choose pieces from the decades in history that reflect you and can be cohesively combined with your current decor.
  4. Rely on the experts: We are here for a reason, we can help you form your collections thoughtfully and let you know when we find truly great pieces while we are on the look out. We can comb the globe for you with a purpose in mind, where you, as the consumer might feel overwhelmed, we relish in digging out the rare and beautiful on your behalf.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding a fabulous find. We are here to help!

-The Pegaso Gallery Design Team

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