How to Introduce the Right Amount of Vintage into your Space!

How to Introduce the Right Amount of Vintage into your Space!

Published on 8/14/2018 by Robert Bryan Home

The Vintage market has exploded in the past few years, and many of the Robert Bryan Home clients here in Palm Desert, CA, wonder how they can introduce fun one of a kind pieces in a thoughtful and not too contrived manner, so we thought you all were probably wondering too. We've been in the vintage market for a long time, so we know just how to help you be the right kind of collector. Here are our thoughts on how to do it well:

  1. Choose pieces that mix in well with your existing decor, but are interesting enough that they stand on their own: Vintage pieces tell a story, so they should be exciting enough to get noticed in your home, so that that story can be told. A great rule of thumb, choose a piece that mixes in well with your architecture or with your personality.
  2. Color: Go for it, vintage pieces, especially mod vintage pieces are colorful! Choose a piece that provides that pop!
  3. Become a collector, but not all at once: Choose the era you want to collect from, and study it, or let us fill you in, start with one piece and slowly add to that collection over time, there is no rush. Vintage pieces should be carefully selected so that you have a well curated collection that fits your personality perfectly.
  4. Accessorize: Vintage accessories are fun, playful and unique. This is one area that you don't have to be as careful in your collecting process, accessories are small, but provide a punch to any well decorated space.

If you want to know about vintage decor or want information on the latest vintage pieces we have in store, call us, email us, and chat with us, we're here and happy to help!

-The Robert Bryan Home Team