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Archipelago Botanicals De Havana ~ Body Wash



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Archipelago Botanicals De Havana ~ Body Wash

Designed to evoke the 1940s glamour of the small apothecaries (boticarias) that lined the romantic side streets of Havana, this personal care collection pays homage to natural beauty ingredients like coffee bean and tobacco flower, and pure aromatherapy and natural essences like orange extract, sugar cane and sweet pineapple. Whether or not they knew it then, today we know these ingredients contain the AHAs, antioxidants and other agents that actively moisturize, hydrate and reduce the redness associated with dry, rough skin.

30.2 fl. oz.


5w x 5d x 8h in

Colors & Materials

Body Wash, Soaps

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The Urban Deign Store opened its doors for the first time in 2011 on Elm Street in East Aurora, NY.

At that time, our workshop was a ‘part of the show’ ~ everyone who came to the store would be able to see through large glass windows and watch us work on our custom furniture, lighting and artful accessory projects... sometimes, they would even stop in to watch their own project underway and be a part of the process. We worked primarily with wood reclaimed from century old barns and architectural salvaged pieces to create something new and truly unique.