How to Select the Perfect Rug For Any Space!

How to Select the Perfect Rug For Any Space!

Published on 8/17/2018 by Sidney Cardel's

Selecting the perfect rug for any room in a clients home seems to be one of the biggest challenges our customers have. How big should my rug be? What style of rug should I choose? Do I dare layer a rug over carpet? Here are our answers to those commonly asked questions, hopefully this will ease your carpet picking anxiety.

  1. How big of a rug should I purchase for my space? Measure your room carefully, an area rug should never go wall to wall. If your new area rug is being purchased for a bedroom, there should always be at least a 1-2 foot reveal around the rug. If your new rug is being used in your fabulous great room, it should differentiate one space from another.
  2. What type of rug should I choose? Rugs create the foundation of style in any room. They ground a space and create a beautifully layered look. We always suggest buying something that you love, that resonates with you and can bring out the colors in your furniture or accessories, or can compliment the architecture of your home. Our store and design firm is in Jacksonville Beach Florida, so our clients tend to flock towards more natural and organic styles that compliment the relaxed feeling of vacation. You should choose something that complements your lifestyle and your desired aesthetic.
  3. Do I dare layer a rug over carpet? This is a question we get often. Why would someone purchase a rug to go over wall to wall carpet? Well there is no easy answer to this question, but placing a rug over carpet it not a design faux pas. Large spaces covered in neutral wall to wall carpet can seem cavernous and dull without introducing something else on the floor to break up the one note of the carpet. However, area rugs to not work well over plush carpeting, so if you would like to layer a rug over carpet, your existing carpet must be a shorter carpeting, preferably in the berber style, the firmness of your wall to wall carpet is important to holding the area rug in place.
  4. How to I kept my rug in place? Purchase a nice rug pad when you purchase your rug, this will hold your rug firmly in place and will also prevent the curling that can happen on the edges of some styles of rugs.

Thank you for allowing us to answer some of your commonly asked questions. We are thrilled to assist you further or answer any other questions you might have.

With Love,

The Sidney Cardel's Team