Looking for Ocean Inspired Original Art?  Welcome our Local Artist, Eugene J. Quinn!

Looking for Ocean Inspired Original Art? Welcome our Local Artist, Eugene J. Quinn!

Published on 9/6/2018 by Sidney Cardel's

About the Artist...."Quinn"

Creating artwork inspired by life on the coast has been a passion of Quinn's since Childhood. Through his life he sought accomplished instructors and never stopped learning and producing. Shortly after graduation from Providence College with degrees in Art and Art history, Quinn found early success at art festivals in and around NYC. He continued his study of painting and soon expanded his territory to New England, moving to Main and eventually Cape Ann, MA where he founded two art galleries and lived amongst ample coastal painting material and a culture rich in the tradition of working artists. Even while out with the dog on the beach or in the ocean surfing he was continuously observing his surroundings with painters eyes. After many years of doing the winter art festivals around Florida, he opened a studio in Jacksonville Beach and now resides permanently in Ponte Vedra Beach where his family had a second home as a child and happens to be the location of his first plein air paintings so many years ago. The coast continues to be a consistent and faithful anchor in his artwork and even now with his expansion into non representational abstract pieces, the ocean is central to his inspiration. It's no wonder, having lived and worked within a stones throw of the ocean for almost 20 years!

**You can see several pieces of Quinn's beautiful oil paintings in our shop now link as well as in our store! He also welcomes commissions. Please contact us for further information. [email protected] or 904-372-4000.