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mySheet Set - Cal King

Natural cotton…It is the most beloved-fabric for sheets.

The cotton fabric is pre-shrunk for the best performance.

Enjoy the nature’s perfect blend of beauty, durability and comfort.

These magnificently soft sheets feel good on your skin and great on your conscience.

Nestle the face into the sheets and experience the sensation of softness of a summer cloud and gentleness for the most sensitive of skins.

Durable and breathable.

These 100% natural classic and timeless sheets are safe and soothing for infants, kids, adults, everyone! There are no harmful chemicals, pesticides or dyes.

By purchasing our bedding, you support the local economy, protect the environment from pollution, promote balanced eco system and prolong your health.


110w x 108d x 1h in

Colors & Materials

100% Cotton, Beige

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Sleeping Express ships to anywhere in the US.




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Valencia, CA
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