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Goat Skin Pillow



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Goat Skin Pillow

Danish design combined with the Nordic trends of the moment. The square shaped navy blue dyed goat skin pillow. While using the pillow it should be noted that because the hairs can split and subsequently shed if you sit or walk on it, it should be regarded as decoration only. Do not expose to sunlight for longer time, or leave it outdoors as the color may fade. Cleaning - freshen up by shaking it. The skin can be cleaned by vacuuming: select the lowest level on your vacuum cleaner and clean from top to bottom. You should exercise Caution when vacuuming and not do so more than once a year.


16.0w x 16.0d x 4.0h in

Colors & Materials

Marine Blue, Goat Fur

About The Shop

Studio La Fleur is the inspired idea of owner Paige Church. Paige is a floral designer and creative junkie who feeds her soul by creating, imaging and inventing. She believes in the importance of authenticity, community, family, philanthropy, nature, optimism, celebrating life and all of life's beautiful moments and most importantly... love.