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Our Dreamiest Chandelier: The Ro Sham Beaux Orbit

Our Dreamiest Chandelier: The Ro Sham Beaux Orbit

Published on 8/29/2018 by Tuvalu

We love helping you make your house fabulous! and we love showing you the dreamiest products out there. Our favorite item of the week is the Ro Sham Beaux Orbit Chandelier. The Orbit chandelier delivers an elegant and classic aesthetic to any decor. Featuring a hemp-wrapped round frame, beautiful cascading arrangement of beads in a solid drop curved shape, we're in love!

Ro Sham Beaux takes a fresh approach to lighting design with an eye towards the future and a reverence of the past. We pride ourselves in uncompromising craftsmanship and impeccable service, utilizing sustainable materials whenever possible. 

Each piece is handmade especially for you!

Come on in to the Tuvalu showroom in Laguna Beach to order one now! or let us help you design a room around it, this piece is worth it!

-The Tuvalu Team

Laguna Beach, CA