Dining Season is Right Around the Corner!

Dining Season is Right Around the Corner!

Published on 9/7/2018 by Vertigo Home

Dining season is upon us and we want to help you get stylish while entertaining. At Vertigo Laguna Beach we know how to help you throw a hip holiday gathering. Here are our tips for getting your space up to snuff:

  1. Dare to be different: Your guests will love an unexpected well designed space. We recommend having fun designing your dining room. We love a cool table or a set of unique chairs. Your space should be different and reflect your style.
  2. Be bold with art: A cool piece of art is what every dining room is craving. There is nothing more fun than seeing a unique piece of art. Art is a statement and a conversation piece when entertaining.
  3. Get eclectic with your tableware: In our shop we collect interesting pieces of re imagined tableware. A holiday tabletop can be boring, but with the right mix of modern cups, glasses, and flatware your guests will be happy with whatever you're serving. Beautiful tableware makes anything taste good!
  4. Table Topics: Lastly a well thrown gathering is not all about the decor, as much as we love it, the best part of entertaining is when your guests are comfortable and enjoying themselves. Focus on friends, family, and new acquaintances by inviting them all into the conversation. Your space will always be the perfect place for everyone to gather.

Come on into Vertigo Home in Laguna Beach, and let us host you for a while. We'll show you our favorite entertaining pieces and get you ready for the perfect party at home.

-The Vertigo Home Team

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