How it Works

Shop directly from furniture boutiques and retailers everywhere.


Design Kollective brings together brick and mortar furniture retailers with buyers seeking unique pieces of furniture from local and national retailers

For the Seller

Design Kollective is an online space for you to sell your in stock inventory, host your own flash sales, create your own online boutique and promote your business to the online community.

  1. List your products at your price and market your store online.
  2. Keep your inventory moving by hosting flash sales.
  3. Reach more customers locally and expand your reach regionally.
  4. Get insight on your performance to direct future buying decisions.

For the Buyer

Design Kollective is an online space for you to shop from local and national brick and mortar furniture retailers. Browse their carefully curated sales of in stock inventory to find fun and unique pieces that you can have in a flash, or shop by location to find that cool shop in your local neighborhood and see what they have to offer from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Browse carefully curated flash sales and unique in stock inventory from local and national furniture boutiques.
  2. Purchase your finds through our quick and secure payment process.
  3. Receive your products quickly from our boutiques.
  4. Be prepared to fall in love with your home all over again.

What We Do

At Design Kollective we bring independent furniture stores and boutiques together. Kollectively our partners offer the public fashion forward furniture that is in stock and ready to buy. From floor models to boxed goods you can see a wide selection of looks and styles at great prices. We curate the stores in order to offer the end user the best furniture selection at competitive prices.

Our Story

From brick and mortar, to community.

“We believe in the shop around the corner. We know that Kollectively we are stronger.”

A New Era of Selling

We are a family with a passion for beautiful furnishings and design. After opening our own boutique we saw a need to help other store owners. We know that we are the trendsetters in our communities, but it's hard to compete with the online giants and big box retailers who have endless budgets and sell generic knock-offs at rock bottom prices – high fashion imitators! We believe in "the shop around the corner". We know that Kollectively we are stronger. Welcome to Design Kollective, an online market place for us!