We believe that brick and mortar is still the best way to shop in the furniture industry. As a small boutique, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle amongst large regional chains and online furniture giants. We created Design Kollective to give us, the small boutiques, the competitive edge. We know that together we are stronger!

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Benefits of Design Kollective

  1. Your own boutique page on Design Kollective.

    Each boutique gets their own page, including store photos, address, phone number, email, and a searchable product inventory listing.
  2. Shop now button.

    Link from your store's splash page website to your personal Design Kollective page so that customers old and new can shop your products online.
  3. Flash sales.

    Hold them whenever you want. Marketing emails are already made with your products and will be emailed out to your customer base and Design Kollective's customer base
  4. Location based searching.

    By using location aware technology, Design Kollective populates products on its shoppable pages that are closest in proximity to the users first, encouraging local shopping at your boutique.
  5. Google Shopping submission. (Plus plan)

    All of a boutique's products are automatically added to Google Shopping by area, so that when potential customers search Google for matching products, that boutique's products show up in the Google Shopping section at the top of the page.
  6. Dedicated inventory team. (Plus plan)

    We have a team dedicated to getting your store online. All you have to do is fill out a simple product spreadsheet with manufacturer details, item numbers, and your price point. We take care of uploading the product with weights, dimensions, and pictures! For members of the Essential plan, our inventory team will add your store's initial inventory to the platform.
  7. Product photo touch-ups.

    We know that you have one of a kind products in your store, we want to make sure that your goods are showcased beautifully on our site, so we touch-up and white out any images that are in need of it.
  8. Walk-in traffic.

    We want to encourage customers to walk into your store, we believe that brick and mortar is suffering, but shouldn’t be. Furniture is a large purchase and should be one that a customer makes in person, however, it is hard for a customer to know that your boutique exists when you have to compete against the marketing budgets of large online giants and regional big box retailers. On the Kollective our mission is to encourage the customer to shop locally, discover amazing boutiques in their area, get an introduction to the boutique’s products on the site, and walk into the store to purchase in person. When a customer purchases in person the boutique is able to turn them into a client where they further help them design their home as a whole.
  9. Automatic local advertising and SEO. (Plus plan)

    Every six weeks, we run a week of local ads for boutiques on Design Kollective. Our search engine optimization team works to help stores rank for key words in their area on Google and Bing.
  10. Grow your customer base through social interactions.

    Users on the Kollective will be able to follow your store, favorite your products, and add your products to collections to share with the world. When users follow your store, they’re automatically added to your customer list and will be eligible to receive updates on your latest products and sales!


  • "Design Kollective is a wonderful platform that has allowed us to connect with new clients in our local community. The site is easy to use and the entire process has been seamless. It is a great new way to sell online while maintaining a more personal touch in our client communication that has been the cornerstone of our success."

    Marco Polo Imports, Santa Monica, CA

  • "I was so happy because a customer came into my showroom and bought a floor sample that he saw on his Design Kollective page!"

    Haptor Barrett, Los Angeles, CA

Ready to join the Kollective? Get started now!

Once you've joined, our team of account managers will help get your online showroom up and running in a jiff!

Essential - $150/mo

Everything your store needs to get online and have a strong presence.

  • Personalized store website, including blog, portfolio, and custom domain support
  • Full ecommerce functionality (With 10% commission)
  • Host flash sales any time you want
  • Automated customer marketing emails to showcase inventory and announce sales
  • Initial inventory setup by our dedicated inventory team

Plus - $350/mo

Automated services to help you grow your store and customer base.

  • Everything from the "Essential" plan, and…
  • Automatic daily submission of your store's products to Google Shopping
  • Automated marketing and local web advertising for your store
  • Ongoing inventory management by our dedicated inventory team