We believe that a Showroom is still the best way for members of the trade to purchase furniture. As a showroom it's easy to get lost in the shuffle amongst large manufacturers and online furniture giants. We created Design Kollective to give you the competitive edge. We know that together we are stronger.

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We Believe

  1. In walk-in traffic.

    Design Kollective drives traffic to your showroom, where the design and their client can sit, touch, and feel what they are purchasing.
  2. In a strong online presence that reinforces your offering.

    We know that designers and other members of the trade shop online and we want them to find you! Design Kollective provides each showroom with its own online boutique page within our marketplace where you can showcase your products.
  3. In shopping local and encouraging members of the trade to discover new and interesting products in their own backyard.

    By using location aware technology, Design Kollective populates products on its shoppable pages that are closest in proximity to the members of the trade first.
  4. In the power of a strong marketing plan.

    We know that your clients get inundated daily with emails from large online giants competing for their dollars. We think that they should be hearing from you first, and knowing what is interesting and unique in your showroom on a regular basis. Design Kollective has a built in marketing tool that automates emails out to your existing client base and allows you to grow upon that base with new members of the trade.
  5. In the need to move dead inventory.

    We know that dead inventory can be crippling for your showroom. We give you the ability to host online Flash Sales as often as you need in order to move that inventory more efficiently, and get the word out more effectively to your client base.

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